Blazing a Trail


Blazing a Trail

USS Daniel Boone

February 18, 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the final decommissioning ceremony for the Daniel Boone when the crew departed to blaze new trails throughout the fleet and back at home as civilians. Trench 94 at the Department of Energy Hanford Site in Washington state is where the reactor compartment rests with most of the other members of the 41 for Freedom. The remainder of the boat was recycled by Puget Sound Shipyard in Bremerton with the exception of components used for spare parts or transferred to museums., created by David Cantrell, serves as a memorial to the boat and her personnel.

 USS Daniel Boone Travel Map<br/>By Eric Ragan


USS Daniel Boone Travel Map
By Eric Ragan

Kirk Delph

USS Daniel Boone Photos

View some of the photos of the USS Daniel Boone, her crew, and the many places that were visited over thirty years of naval service.